Being profitable in sports betting can be tough. Given that most sports bettors lose and only a handful of people actually win, it’s no wonder why most bettors lose. Also, the fact that the ratio of the people winning and losing is bad can be depressing. There are good resources that have everything you need in betting.

Consider the fact that most of the people who lose are those that don’t make an effort to do their research before betting on the draft, and look up the stats and different strategies that are available online. 

I mean, if you look up basic and advanced strategies online, there will be tons of results. We’re not saying that all of them are viable, but you won’t see the real meat if you don’t look hard enough. That said, if you’ve stumbled in this article, then you’re in luck. We’ll be talking about the advanced strategies in sports betting that you can use the next time you bet. 

We’re talking about strategies that can make you win the big bucks if used correctly and efficiently. Of course, that is if your luck would have it because, as we know, a significant part of sports betting relies on luck, which is why it is categorized as a form of gambling. But I digress. Here are some advanced strategies you should know about to improve your chances of winning.

Try to Stick to One Team

On any given day in sports betting, you’ll find tons of lines that you can choose from across multiple sports. That said, it will be quite tempting to have multiple bets across any team that you feel is a good bet because of this variety. We’re not saying that it’s a bad thing. If you have a big bankroll, then it’s not a bad move. However, if you’re a serious sports bettor, you know that this is a huge risk, and your winnings (if there’s any) would not be enough as an ROI.

That said, you can stick to one team and learn how they play and how they adjust to their opposing team. This would help you gain knowledge on how the team works, saving you ample time in each game they play. Time for what? Time for handicapping and making an educated bet. 

One good way to do this is to watch all of their games in the past season and see how they hold up against their opposing teams. Also, we recommend changing teams every season until you gain a satisfying amount of knowledge on every team. Not only that, but being updated with football can also yield great results in fantasy football too. That being updated with a team and Fantasy Football updates, you’ll be raking in more winnings.


The most optimal type of bet for hedging is futures. Futures are bets you make preseason, and if you guess correctly, you will have a significant amount of profits. However, since futures are bets that are made during the preseason, it’s a little risky since there is a long time before you get the result. That said, if you bet on futures and hedge when the time comes, you can mitigate losses and instead lock in a profit.

For example, you bet on the Eagles to win the Super Bowl for $100. They advanced in the playoffs and played the Patriots in Super Bowl Sunday. At this point, your futures bet will stand to have a profit of $3100 if they win the match. In this situation, you can hedge your funds by betting on the Patriots money line for you to lock a profit. 

Let’s say that the Patriots are the favorites with a -200 odds. If you bet $1000 for them to win, you’ll win $1500 with a profit of $400. It’s not as exciting to win the whole $3100, but you still gained a profit of $400. It’s even better if the winnings are more significant in the bookie you bet on. If you’re looking for one, click here for the fanduel sportsbook.


Scalping is a strategy where you bet on both sides of the game when the money line is profitable. For example, let’s say that the Dodgers will play against the Cubs on Super Bowl Sunday. Your current sportsbooks are offering a +105 for the Dodgers. But minutes later, you saw across the street that another sportsbook is offering a +105 for the Cubs. By betting on both of them with the same amount of money, you’ll stand to win a profit no matter which team wins.

However, this strategy’s problem is that money lines are constantly fluctuating, especially if the teams are evenly matched. Also, most games always relate to favorites and underdogs, and an evenly matched game is rare, so you can only utilize the strategy also rarely. But on the offset that a game where both teams are evenly matched happens, scalping is a good strategy to utilize. Even though the profit is not that substantial, a profit is still a profit.

All Things Considered

The strategies mentioned above are just some of the advanced strategies you should learn in sports betting. Although they need some effort to be used efficiently and the opportunity to use some of them are rather rare, using them can guarantee you a lock-in profit. As long as you’re diligent in finding the lines appropriate to use them with and if you’re fast enough to place your bets before the lines shift, you’ll be winning profits no matter the game’s outcome.

*Bet responsibly