Betting on athletics is gaining in popularity and obviously always peaks during the Olympic games. During the 2021 Olympics, the majority of the track and field events were won by the favourites. With this said the odds and payouts for many events were still significant due fragile nature of racing where the favourite could trip and fall at any point. On top of this, most races were stacked with potential winners.

At betting websites during major athletics events, you’ll be able to wager on several running activities such as relay, 1,000 Metres, 10,000 Metres, 200 Metres Hurdles, 2,000 Metres, 300 Metres Hurdles, 3,000 Metres, and 600 Metres. Athletics also covers other activities like discus and shot put, and an era of others. A good site to try is Virginia online gambling.

The different bets that will be available to you will largely depend on the betting website. This is why we suggest you search around on various betting websites to see what bets they accept and to find the best betting odds.

Athletics tends to have fewer main events compared to sports like football, rugby and basketball can also make it somewhat frustrating. Still, when the events do occur they’re usually huge in scale and involve people from all over the world, leading to exciting games and betting opportunities.

One of the things that make athletics so popular is the fantastic live markets. However, unless you sit in front of your computer, you won’t be able to take advantage of them. Luckily, you don’t have to do this anymore because once you start using your phone, you can wager on every live event even if you are not home.

As long as you choose a good online bookie, you can bet on numerous athletic disciplines. In addition to the amazing pre-match markets, there are unique live betting options that you won’t find on any other sport.

Some issue may arise when betting on longer stacked road racing. Horse racing is limited to the number of starting gates, and auto racing has only a limited number of spots available for each race. Road races can have thousands of entries. Now, track races are restricted, similar to horse and auto races. With that said there’d usually be only 4-5 main players in a big marathon but the betting card would need to hold around 20 athletes to cover everything.

Look out for the Diamond League and other world tour athletics events to place bets on in-between the Olympics. The more you follow the sport, the more successful you will be when wagering. Betting on athletics can be nerve racking and fun but remember to bet responsibly.