In the heart of the winter cross-country season, Tom Evans, the reigning 2023 Western States Champion, continues to establish his dominance on the trails, foreshadowing what promises to be an exciting year ahead. Recent victories underscore the British athlete's exceptional versatility across varied terrains.
The energetic buzz in Chamonix's narrow streets echoed the historic moment during the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB). Thousands flocked to witness the conclusion of the punishing 106-mile race, renowned for its toughness and competitiveness. UTMB, spanning three international borders and encircling Europe's highest peak, is globally acknowledged as one of the most demanding ultra-marathons, characterized by both a festive ambiance and a staggering elevation gain surpassing Mount Everest.
The North Pennines region of northern England witnessed a tragic turn as the search for the missing London-based runner, Edward Catmur, culminated in the discovery of his body on New Year's Eve. Catmur, a highly accomplished athlete, had embarked on a challenging run from Dufton to Cross Fell, the highest mountain in the Pennines, and Hartside Cross. Concerns mounted when no communication was received from the 40-year-old runner after 10 a.m. on December 31.
In the exhilarating realm of trail running, the 2023 season emerged as a chapter destined for the record books, marked by extraordinary performances that defied the limits of human endurance. From breathtaking displays of stamina to historic conquests of unforgiving terrains, this year’s trail running narrative was a testament to the relentless spirit and unparalleled determination of athletes worldwide.
The French trail running family is deeply saddened by the sudden loss of Esteban Olivero, a young and promising athlete, just 22 years old. He tragically passed away on December 23 while skiing down La Blanche in Ecrins National Park, leaving everyone shocked and grieving for such a vibrant life cut short.
Renowned British ultra-runner, Tom Evans, celebrated for his triumphs including the Western States 100 and his representation of Great Britain in cross-country events, has reluctantly withdrawn from the impending Ultra-Trail Cape Town 100km race following a harrowing mugging incident during a solitary run on Cape Town's Table Mountain.
Prepare for an electrifying chapter in the realm of trail running as the World Trail Majors (WTM) makes its debut in 2024. This series, comprising a minimum of nine ultramarathons scattered across the globe, signals a nostalgic return, bringing back the essence of cherished races once part of the now-defunct Ultra-Trail World Tour.
In the heart of Western Australia's picturesque Avon Valley, the highly anticipated Transcend returns in 2024 with options for all fitness levels. Mark your calendars for 22 June, where you have the option to take part in the Kids Dash, 6km Hike, 6km Run, 40km Team Relay Hike (2-3 ppl 12/16/12km), 40km Hike, 65km Team Relay Run (2-5 ppl 12/12/12/16/12km) or the ultimate challenge, the 65km Ultra.
In a landmark move toward inclusivity, the TransLantau races, part of the UTMB World Series events, have opened their doors to visually impaired athletes, allowing them to compete with guide runners. Liang Zhang, a 44-year-old Hong Kong runner who has been visually impaired since birth, is eagerly taking advantage of this progressive shift as he gears up for the 25km event scheduled for this Sunday.
The extraordinary Great Southern Stage Run returns for a second year to the Great Southern coastline of Western Australia next Thursday 16 to 18 November 2023.